Psalm 16’s Theme in the New Living Translation Is:

The joys and benefits of a life lived in companionship with God. We enjoy these benefits now and eternally.

I normally don’t read the themes. But yesterday’s study brought me to this Psalm. My husband and I where both just beginning our walk with Jesus when we got married. Our first dates where visiting churches trying to find a “Home”. Our second Sunday took us to Calvary Community. Pastor Jim Price and his wife Peggy immediately welcomed us in.

v3: The godly people in the land                                                                                               are my true heroes!                                                                                                        I take pleasure in them!

The service met in a theater for the performing arts, which felt homey for my actor husband. The core congregation mobilized every Sunday AM and not only had everything ready for Pastor but also had a coffee and donut bar all set up. This enabled great fellowship. My husband was skeptical at first not believing we could have found a home so effortlessly. But a woman knows! I didn’t need to continue searching. It was time to settle in and listen to Pastors in depth teaching. ( he was our first pastor who knows Greek so it was fascinating. Jim has also been known for his use of maps which is also a great tool)

We were married just weeks after by Pastor Jim in the backyard of the couple who invited us to Calvary.                                                                                                        Our lives have stayed connected these 12yrs. Not side by side, but intertwined, weaving in and out as God sees fit.

v11: You show me the way of life,                                                                                            granting me the joy of your presence                                                                            and the pleasures of living with you forever.