Mother’s Day, May 10                   Pastor Joe’s sermon

I’ve always been drawn to the Bible characters who had been barren for most of their lives, then God gifts them with a child. My only pregnancy was a miscarriage. So, when my husband and I married there was always this hope for a miracle. We made jokes about it and teased each other. But in my heart I hoped for a child of our own or an opportunity to be involved in a my husbands grandchildren’s lives. It just didn’t happen, though it was made clear to me soon after being born again that I would see my daughter in heaven. That gives me great Joy.

Pastor’s sermon on Sunday looked at Hannah’s relationship with God in a way I hadn’t heard discussed before. From memory I remember her fervent prayer that sounded to Eli like she was drunk – Eli praying for her- dedicating him to God- giving him to Eli- then on to Eli’s awful sons story.

Hannah’s prayer of praise in chapter 2 shows us how she saw God as Solid as a rock(2:2) The One who knows what we do (2:3) Sovereign over all the affairs of His people (2:4-8) the Supreme Judge who administers perfect justice. She rejoiced in God’s salvation. She knew her child was on loan from God. Hannah’s prayer show’s us that all we have and receive is on loan from God.

The role of the husband and the other wife’s competitiveness and derision drove Hannah to prayer. The husband’s simple love allowed Hannah to entrust their child into God’s care. We can be confident of God’s ultimate control over the events in our lives.

There’s comments that Mary, the mother of Jesus, modeled her own praise song, The Magnificat, after Hannah’s prayer. Luke 1:46-55. I find it interesting that Joachim and Anna, Mary’s parents, are reported in the Apocrypha as having a similar experience of late in life conception. Also Mary visited Elizabeth while pregnant. Elizabeth and Zechariah, John The Baptist’s parents, had conceived late in life.

By dedicating her only son to God, Hannah was dedicating her entire future to God! She was dedicating Samuel to God for lifetime service. God honored Hannah’s faithfulness with 5 other children (2:21). Hannah visited Samual every year (2:17) Later Samuel lived in his hometown of Ramah (7:17) .

My husband and I both thought it would have been fun if we could of raised a child together. I’m so grateful He gave us each other to grow up together in His care. Both of us hungry for His Word and marveled at His hand in our lives. I really missed my husband today while I delved into Hannah’s Prayer Of Praise.

God is Good All the Time. Amen